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Carisma Creative Services - Belgien

Carisma Creative Services - Belgien

Carisma Creative Services represents photographers and storyboard artists it is also producing animation as well as animatics and has a pool of european creative copywriters. We work with Imagina, the leading animation studio in Bucharest and we cooperate with production companies. We can provide a large variety of styles using the latest software. If we produce pure animation, sound is done in Brussels using native speakers, or directly (or via ISDN) with partner studios in your country. Ask us for the production costs of single spots or just send us your treatment: you"ll be surprised. We produce animatics at very competitive cost for market research, pitches or just to help you convince your client. We can deliver whatever style you wish: black and white, colour, mixed photo/illustration, pushed or rough. Provide us with the treatment and we will come back to you with our estimate. Our growing pool of experienced illustrators can deliver a wide variety of styles with the accuracy and speed required. Just send us an example of the required style and we will give you an example of our suggestion, our timing and the price per frame.

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