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Fotografie-WEB-Verzeichnis: Fotografie Modellagenturen Norwegen

Modellhuset, Vestre Torggate 13, Bergen, Norway

Modellhuset, Vestre Torggate 13, Bergen, Norway

Modellhuset are based in Bergen and has since the start in 1998 become a serious and strong model agency with more than 50 fashion models. Some of them may be seen here at our site. We represent both male and female models, all with great experience within fashion photos, catalogue work, advertisements, commercials, magazines and fashion shows runway. We consentrate on classical, beautiful fashion models. international Many of our female models have lot of experience from work all over the world and we are proud to say that our girls are very apreciated out there. We will continue to send our models abroad as long as we think that this could be the right decission for each model, conserning her his development and future. miss teen norway Once a year we arrange the miss teen norway model competition for girls aged 15 19. This is the norwegian national final and takes place in the city of Bergen every autumn. The winner will have the opportunity to represent Norway in a big international model competition and automatically the possibility to a great start of her modelling career.

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