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Fotografie-WEB-Verzeichnis: Fotografie Mietstudios Philippinen

DPI Photocenter - Pasig City, Manila

DPI Photocenter - Pasig City, Manila

DPI Photography Center is the photographer’s one-stop shop for professional and business services in the Philippines. DPI has two large, all-white, high-ceiling studios, fully equipped with studio equipment, lights, light accessories and modifiers, backgrounds, and posing stools and risers, making them ideal for fashion shoots and group portraits. The product table also makes the studios ideal for advertising and product shoots. Adjacent to the studios are two dressing rooms. The large dressing room has a long, fully-lit make-up counter which can seat up to five models. It has two fitting rooms with full-length mirrors, and its own bathroom with shower facilities. For fewer models, the smaller dressing room can seat three models.

3 intern - » Studio Rental » Studio Rental is the official website of the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation Inc. The FPPF is making available its facilities for studio shooting, complete with studio lights, reflectors and softboxes. The facilities on offer are the two FPPF Art Chambers in Fort Santiago. FPPF students and graduates who wish to have their own studio time are invited to avail of this offer as small groups of up to 10 people at a time, so they will have ample time shooting in studio lighting condition.

2 intern -