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Ken Go Lighting Seminars

Ken Go Lighting Seminars

Ken Go - A professional photographer specializing in fashion and glamour photography. His pictures regularly see print in major newspapers and glossy magazines. His enthusiasm to share his over 15 years of photography experience had led him to start conducting his own lighting seminars, which he regularly conducts in his own studio in Makati. His methods, which is mostly hands on, is similar to the way he learned his craft. It’s not a surprise that he talks about more than the lesson plan, so expect to hear insights from getting into the business of photography to photo editing.

1 intern - » WORKSHOPS » WORKSHOPS is the official website of the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation Inc. It is also the premiere site for photography workshops in the Philippines. THE WORKSHOPS ON Basic and Advanced photography, conducted by the FPPF every month the whole year round, are the most effective and most reasonably priced short photo workshops in Manila. Over 2,000 graduates have attended the workshops since 1995, many of whom have gone on to become professional photographers and to win national and international contests against more experienced photographers.

1 intern -