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Photo Tour - Israel Photo Tour - Photography Vacation - Oslo Photo Tour

Photo Tour - Israel Photo Tour - Photography Vacation - Oslo Photo Tour

Photo tours in Israel Photography tours in Norway. Vision Tour provides guided photo tours in Israel and Norway. During the tour a professional photographer will assist you with theoretical and practical advice. Rami Kafarov offers both group and private photography tours in Oslo lasting for 2 hrs or longer. Whether you are an amateur or an advanced photographer, or simply want to come back home with great travel pictures, Rami has a suitable photo activity for you while visiting Oslo! Our Oslo photo tours are based on the philosophy that participant should do both useful and pleasant – visit Oslo and learn how to make good pictures. Learn more by doing than simply by being instructed. During the trip you will receive an ongoing feedback, look at the ordinary places from a different perspectives, will test the city from insider point of view, and of course apply all photography techniques.

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