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Queenstown Centre for CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY New Zealand

Queenstown Centre for CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY New Zealand

Photography tours and weekend photographic workshop safaris Queenstown New Zealand Photography NZ. Queenstown Centre for Creative Photography offer the amateur or professional photographer an opportunity to study photography. Take a one day 4WD photo Safari, or an intensive learning experience found in the monthly week-end photographic workshops. Mike Langford and Jackie Ranken are both internationally award winning photographers, they now choose to share their knowledge and passion via Queenstown Centre for Creative Photography New Zealand. Their knowledge includes, landscape photography nz, portrait photography, photo-documentary photography. They use Canon Digital Cameras as the immediate teaching tool. Students have access to a variety of lenses and filters through-out the courses, and receive feed-back and encouragement to explore the various ways photography can be used as an expressive tool. This all takes place in one of the most beautiful, safe, green and clean parts of the planet, Queenstown New Zealand. Both Mike and Jackie are award winning and internationally recognized photographers and lecturers.

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