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Coco Photo Tours in Puerto Rico - photography workshops

Coco Photo Tours in Puerto Rico - photography workshops

Hands on instructional field work is our main focus. Additional sessions on computers with expert instruction will sharpen your skills enhancing your photos. We explore unusual lighting conditions in the El Yunque National Rainforest peaks, waterfalls and streams, a scenic lighthouse, marshes and beaches area and some offshore small sandy keys.

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Roy Toft Photography Safaris - Costa Rica Photography Workshop

Roy Toft Photography & Safaris - Costa Rica Photography Workshop

Roy has been photographing the wildlife of the Osa for 20 years. Learn all of his photographic techniques and come away from this workshop knowing how to shoot macro subjects like leaf-cutter ants and frogs, use full and fill-flash expertly, photograph hummingbirds, monkeys, birds, and other subjects in a beautiful tropical rainforest setting. Evening programs will also cover photoshop, lightroom, workflow, composition, flash use, bird photography, and other photographic techniques. Roy shares his love for teaching & photography by regularly instructing photographic classes, tour groups and workshops in the field. His company, Toft Photo Safaris & Gallery, sponsors annual workshops for photographers of all levels in destinations including Costa Rica, Japan, Alaska, and Africa. His ever popular Rainforests of Costa Rica workshop has been filmed for television. The show, Fine Living Network's Fantasy Camp, has appeared on television and airline flights. Roy makes his home in the scenic mountainous region of beautiful north county San Diego.

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