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China Span, Photo tours - Landscape, Travel, Wildlife - Keren Su - Redmond, WV, United States

China Span, Photo tours - Landscape, Travel, Wildlife - Keren Su - Redmond, WV, United States

Founder Keren Su, native Chinese professional photographer & painter with published photo books, has been leading trips to China & other Asian countries. As a native of China, I have traveled extensively throughout the country and have led hundreds of trips and expeditions to this and other Asian countries. I have taken many beautiful pictures, but it doesn't mean I am a better photographer than you are. There are so many excellent photo opportunities that anyone who comes to my trip is able to obtain those wonderful and unique images. So you may travel confidently with us. We only conduct special trips. China Span for years has been leading special tours to photograph China's endangered wildlife and its picturesque landscapes. As the exclusive representative of China Wolong Panda Reserve, we can lead you to the almost inaccessible habitat of the Giant Panda. Other of our photo trips have access to such wildlife as the Siberian Tiger and in Japan, the Snow Monkey. China Span also organizes small, intimate cultural tours to China and other Asian countries. On these trips you can witness every day life, both in the cities and in the remote unspoiled countryside where life goes on as it has for centuries. You will get to know the highlights of this ancient civilization, participate in traditional activities, and find out what is really going on in these emerging countries. You will find the experience of traveling to these exotic parts not only entertaining but culturally...

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