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Chicago Photo Safaris - Byron, Illinois, United States

Chicago Photo Safaris - Byron, Illinois, United States

Chicago Photo Safari is the Chicago area... Chicago Photo Safaris is now introducing the lessons from our worldwide travels to your back door, right here in Chicagoland. We show you how to create photos with the exact look you want. If you like to travel and take pictures, these photo classes are for you. Gary Gullett is the founder and Director of Chicago Photo Safaris. He is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, the Society for Photographic Education, and teaches digital photography classes at a local community college. Gary has organized photo safaris in local and international venues for several years, and has included some of his work in the gallery link on the Chicago Photo Safaris webpage. He has an MBA from Notre Dame, and officiates basketball when not teaching. Gary is a private pilot and scuba diver, and always seems to find ways to intertwine his hobbies with photography.

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