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Fotografie-WEB-Verzeichnis: Fotografie Fotoreisen Jamaika

Bird-watching in Jamaica -- Hotel Mockingbird Hill, Port Antonio, Jamaica

Bird-watching in Jamaica -- Hotel Mockingbird Hill, Port Antonio, Jamaica

Jamaica’s Hotel Mocking Bird Hill is a romantic 10-room eco-chic hideaway nestled in 6½ acres of lush organic tropical gardens and trees on a hillside outside Port Antonio. Hotel Mocking Bird Hill is listed in ‘Birds of the West Indies’ as one of the best places for bird-watching in Jamaica; 28 endemic species and some endangered ones that can be viewed in the grounds of the property. " Although Jamaica is best known for its beaches and coffee, this island has much more to offer naturalists: it ranks fifth in biodiversity among the world’s islands, and many of its animal and plant species are found nowhere else in the world. Since 1990 Jamaica has increased the number and quality of its national parks, recognising the global importance of its rare species.The birdwatching tour organised by Hotel Mockingbird Hill and local birding experts makes its primary goal for you to see all 27 of the island’s endemic bird species, including the Jamaican Owl, Jamaican Mango, Jamaican Becard, Jamaican Tody and more. In addition to time on the Caribbean coast, we explore a variety of habitats, including montane and rainforest, quiet rivers and lush valleys. In addition to its unique bird species, discover Jamaica’s flora including a variety of ferns, butterflies, orchids (66 endemic species) bromeliads and other unusual flora. Enjoy walks on mountain trails, local culture and time to relax on the beach or go snorkelling. This journey is a great opportunity to combine tropical pleasures...

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