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Qazvin Photographers Group - IRAN

Qazvin Photographers Group - IRAN

Qazvin Photographers Group was initiated by some professional photographers in 1993. At the beginning, the group was a subdivision of Qazvin Young Cinema Association as a governmental organization, but at the present the group is completely independent. Up to the present QPG has proceeded to set up more than 40 exhibitions of photography from professional and non-professional photographers of the group, professional photographers of the whole country, and other groups of photographers.Meanwhile the specialized conferences with presence of the masters of photography have been included in group's activities.IranQPG site which is available from 21.4.2002 is the most recent activity of the group which has been established with the following goals:Introducing Qazvin Photographers Group, setting up photo exhibitions, marketing photos, providing information of festivals, seeking relationship with the photographers of other countries, setting up common exhibitions with authoritative sites of photography, improving the specialized information of Qazvin city, and ...

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