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Gnapp's photoblog

Gnapp's photoblog - daily photos from stockholm sweden by fredrik olsson - daily photos from stockholm sweden by fredrik olsson is my personal photoblog. it's content without a cause. all the way from stockholm, sweden. i'm fredrik, the dude in the picture to the right. i strive to post a new photo each day, or at least to post on a regular and somewhat frequent basis with one goal in mind; to force myself to think creatively about photography. photography has been a serious interest since early 2002, and the current blog incarnation of has been online since mid 2003. check out this interview with yours truly (june, 2004) to find out more about my photography. some more of my pictures are available over at flickr. if you're curious about the kind of music i consume, yeah that's the word, then head over to my page to get to know more. also, there's an abundance of inspiration to be found on the web, i've listed some of my regular reads and peeks in the links section. in my favs list are some of my photos that i'm proud of. i don't know if they represent my shooting style. heck, i don't even know if i have a shooting style. you be the judge! want to get in touch? use this form. what? wanna know what i look like? hmmm... well then, take a look at the pictures tagged as self portraits.



Graciform is a growing collection of photos taken in and around Gothenburg Sweden.

jesper - The Diary

jesper - The Diary

i am in stockholm right know to work with mate latest projekt "denna gången är det personligt"

i'm a hard working architect and photographer currently living in Stockholm, Sweden


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