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FotoFreo Photography Festival - Australia

FotoFreo Photography Festival - Australia

A photography festival in Fremantle Western Australia. Photographic festivals are now important cultural events in many countries, particularly in Europe and North America. It is the intention and the hope of the board of FotoFreo Inc that the FotoFreo festival will continue to grow as a significant photographic and cultural event both nationally and internationally. The exhibitions curated by FotoFreo took place in dedicated venues (including the Fremantle Arts Centre, the Western Australian Maritime Museum on Victoria Quay, the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, Kulcha Club, the Fremantle Prison, the Cullity Gallery at UWA and the Perth Centre for Photography). The events consisted of 2 evenings of audio visual projections, a conference (2 half day sessions), a seminar (2 half day sessions), 8 informal lectures and presentations, 2 book launches, 6 workshops, 9 floor talks and a film screening (about one of the exhibiting photographers). Venues for the conference, seminar, lectures, workshops and films included the Notre Dame University of Australia, Kulcha Club, the Film and Television Institute Fremantle Art Centre and the Western Australian Maritime Museum.

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