The Ansel Adams Gallery - Photographs by Ansel Adams and select landscape photographers

The Ansel Adams Gallery - Photographs by Ansel Adams and select landscape photographers

In the summer of 1901, a landscape painter and political cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle by the name of Harry Best took an excursion to Yosemite Valley to camp and paint. Little did he know that this trip would have, indirectly, such an impact on so many, or that we, his descendants, would be telling this story now, nearly a century later. That summer he met Anne Rippey, a beautiful young woman working as an assistant in one of the photography studios in the Valley. After a whirlwind courtship, the two married on July 28 at the base of Bridal Veil Fall. After the ceremony, they stopped the incoming stagecoach to have everyone celebrate with them. Rumor has it that several men were courting Ms. Rippey that summer, and Harry s success lay in his persistence and having sent back to San Francisco for an engagement ring . That winter, Harry applied to the U.S. Army, Yosemite administrators at the time, for a permit to operate a studio business. The following summer, in 1902, the Bests opened their studio in a tent in Yosemite Valley. Thereafter, Harry and Anne returned to Yosemite each summer, building the original Studio in the Old Yosemite Village in 1904. Best s Studio was a family affair from the earliest. Not only was it a husband and wife team producing and selling paintings, painted photographs, and photo finishing, but the Studio also represented Arthur and Alice Best, Harry s brother and sister-in-law. Harry was successful both as a businessman and painter:...

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August Sander (1876 #8211; 1964) - Die Photographische Sammlung

August Sander (1876 – 1964) - Die Photographische Sammlung

August Sander gilt als bedeutender Wegbereiter einer zu seiner Zeit neuen Richtung innerhalb der Entwicklung seines Mediums, die heute unter der Bezeichnung der dokumentarisch sachlich-konzeptuellen Photographie Fortsetzung findet. Berühmt wurde der 1876 in Herdorf (Siegerland) geborene Photograph durch das um 1924 entworfene Werk Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts, in dem er mehrere Hundert seiner Portraits von Menschen unterschiedlicher Gesellschaftsschichten und Berufsgruppen entsprechend einem von ihm angelegten Konzept über Jahrzehnte hinweg in verschiedenen Bildmappen zusammenführte. Ausschnitte dieses Werks wurden erstmalig 1927 in einer Ausstellung im Kölnischen Kunstverein gezeigt und 1929 in seiner ersten Buchpublikation unter dem Titel Antlitz der Zeit veröffentlicht. Mit diesem 60 Portraits umfassenden Bildbuch war es Sander gelungen, ein Gesellschaftsportrait seiner Zeit darzustellen, das auf die Reflexion des Individuellen in Beziehung zum Typischen der jeweiligen Gesellschafts- und Berufsgruppe sowie auf die Frage der gegenseitigen Beeinflussung von Mensch und Gemeinschaft abzielte. Die weltweit größte Sammlung zum Werk des 1964 in Köln verstorbenen Photographen befindet sich heute mit unter anderem über 4.500 Originalabzügen und rund 11.000 Originalnegativen in der Photographischen Sammlung der Kulturstiftung der Sparkasse Köln und wird der Öffentlichkeit kontinuierlich in Form von Publikationen und Ausstellungen vorgestellt.

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Photographic Society of Rhode Island, USA

Photographic Society of Rhode Island, USA

Photographic Society of Rhode Island PSRI Web site. PSRI, the Photographic Society or Rhode Island has been in existence since 1927. During that time, it has changed its name and meeting location but never its spirit. PSRI is the premiere camera and photographic society in Rhode Island, dedicated to excellence in the art and craft of photography. It has members who have been with the organization for decades and remember the “good old days” when they ran from one pick up point to the next to collect photographs for the competitions. The group arguably represents the best photographic talent in the state and the membership has been growing every year. You may enjoy reading the short document titled “A Brief History of PSRI“.The activities of the society are run by its governance, consisting of the officers and board members. The first Tuesday of every month during the meeting season is dedicated to official business and it is open to any member who wishes to participate in the affairs of the organization. The activities include the regular meetings, which include almost all the Tuesdays except when there is a board meeting, or those that coincide with the holidays or holiday seasons. Additionally, PSRI organizes field trips that include nearby places as well as far away destination. When a meeting is not dedicated to periodic competitions, there is some activity planned aimed at taking the art of photography to higher levels and the practice of this art to a more meaningful...

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Wolff Tritschler Archiv, Offenburg

Wolff & Tritschler Archiv, Offenburg

Das zeithistorische Archiv Dr. Paul Wolff & Tritschler, eine zeithistorische Fundgrube mit rund 500.000 Aufnahmen, die einen Zeitraum von 1927 bis 1960 dokumentieren.

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BelleVarado Studios 213.413.9611 Los Angeles, California USA

BelleVarado Studios 213.413.9611 Los Angeles, California USA

Located in a revitalized 1927 warehouse between Hollywood and Downtown L.A., Our 6,000 square foot, state-of-the-art studio features 20 high ceilings, a 17 x34 cyc wall on the Main Stage, and a movable 12 x12 x12 cyc.

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